Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have decided to learn a new instrment. I'm going to be ordering a ocarina. For those who have never seen an ocarina, please go here. The ocarina I'm getting is on the link. Though I haven't given up on my dream to play drums, I have alwas wanted an ocarina. I finally saved up enough allowences. When I learn to play, I'll post a video. Untill then, Here's a video I perticularly love. This way, you'll know what one sounds like.

I have recently updated my playlists. The songs I have put on there are:
I Hate it, by ELLEGARDEN (a japanese band that sadly broke up last year),
Mustang, by Asian Kung Fu Generation,
Final Fantasy 9-Beutrix's theme,
Terra-Final Fantasy,
Midnas Lamet-Twilight Princess (A zelda game),
Bramble Blast-Donkey Kong,
Gourmet Race-Kirby Super Star,
Karma by Bump Of Chiken (yes I know, weird name, but it has a logical explamation. I forgot what it was, but when I remember, I'll let you know.)
I hope you like them. There just a few that I like.

Andrew and I play a game called Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Andrew is the 3rd best person in Kentucky (right behind Tactical and Rowen) , And one of the best olimer players in the Mid-West (olimer is a charecter in the game.) All of this is acually oficial. Theres a website called smash boards that all the top players go to. Andrews nick name is Hilt. Mine is Annet. I am being trained by him, so I'm pretty good. I can't wait to go to the touney again. Last time I was having an off day and lost to an eight year old. Oh, the embarresment.

We are pretty sure Luey is a girl. We think he/she layed an egg, so....

Latly, I've been reading a manga called detective conan. It's an awesome book, and I'm farther than andrew in it. Mainly because he does not like detective mangas. To summerize, it's about a high school detective, Kudo shinichi, that gets sliped a drug, APTX4869, that was ment to kill him, but instead shrunk his body. Now he looks like a seven year old boy. It's a good manga, though I think onepiece is better. That's all for now.


  1. What beautiful music the ocarina makes. I've never seen one. Best wishes learning it.
    I've also never heard of the game you and Andrew are playing, or of the style of book(manga) you've been reading.
    Question-is it harder to read on a right to left track? I can't imagine it would be very easy to train your eyes to read words in English that way. Or do they print them left to right for English translations?

    Have a great weekend! Leigh

  2. The ocarina is a very soothing instrument, I look forward to your first video :o)

  3. Good luck with the ocarina.

  4. I like the Ellegarden song!

  5. Leigh, It's accually quite easy to learn to read right to left. But, once in the habbit, it's hard to read regular stuff. lol.