Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Last Day

Well, it's the last day of NaBloPoMo. I actually made it! Just because it is over doesn't mean I'll stop posting though. I'll probably post weekly or whenever something really interesting happens.

I really have no idea of what to post today. I didn't really think about it. I guess I'll just post about stuff. I hate for my last post for NaNo to be short, but I think it will have to be.

I've been playing Kingdom hearts today. It is so much fun, but my PS2 is messed up so I can't turn it off for more that 30 minutes without it taking an hour to start back up again. This is quite a problem. I think it has a motor problem or something, so I'll probably get a new PS2 someday, but for now, it will do.

All my pets are doing fine. I haven't seen my rabbits in days because it's been cold and I've been sick so my mom has been feeding them for me. I'm sure they are doing fine though. All my birds are doing good. Boris has been singing, Schroeder has too a little bit. Lucy has been rather quiet though. Samantha has been doing well. She sleeps on the heated side of her cage most of the time because it's kind of chilly. Sophie is still doing well. She is getting used to her new home I think. I'm so glad we got her.

My mom is listening to a book on tape with my dad while he cuts up deer. I'm not sure which one it is, but I think it's a Georgette Heyer book. I have no idea why I'm talking about this.

Me and Andrew have been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns a lot lately and it is so much fun!!!! We are very good at using team work in the game. It is a lot of fun to be playing a 2 player game together where I get to do important stuff too! Sometimes his character dies and I have to go through half the stage all by myself! I really love this game and it is just so much fun to play!

Well, I think this is the end of my post. I can't think of anything else to talk about.
Until the next time I post,
~Eler Beth~

Monday, November 29, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 29

Well, tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I actually made it this year. It was pretty fun this year too.

I'm just about over being sick and I am so glad. I am going to a sleep over on Saturday and didn't want to miss it! It will be a three day long sleep over with a bunch of my friends. I can't wait!!!

Sophie is doing well. We are pretty sure her name will be Sophie, unless we think of something better. She has been eating and drinking alright, which is good. We had to make something to hang the water bottle on the side of the fish tank because she wouldn't drink out of a bowl. It works perfectly.

As far as deer hunting goes, I have only been out once this year. Because I was sick last week/weekend I couldn't make it out. I'll probably get back out there during muzzle loader season. It's ok if I don't though, at least we already have a few deer in the freezer, and my dad can get more in muzzle loader season.

Well, that is all for today. I hope you liked this post that I just threw together.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 28

I'm almost over my cold I think (I hope). Our hedgehog is doing well. We are trying out the name Sophie for now, but we aren't sure yet.

I forgot to talk about what anointing is and why the hedgehogs do it yesterday, so I am going to today, the only problem is how to explain it. When hedgehogs find something with a really interesting smell, they tug on it or lick it. Then they contort themselves, foam at the mouth, and lick their spines with the foam. No one really knows why they do this, but some think it has to do with self defense.

Hedgehogs are very resistant to toxins (they are one of the few animals able to eat giant toads), and when they find something that might be toxic, they get it in their mouth, foam, and lick themselves with it. That way they are kind of poisonous in a way. At least that is what a few think they do it for. There are many more theories about why they do this anointing act.

You've really got to see this to see how neat it is. Maybe I'll video tape Sophie doing it sometime, that is, if I see her doing it again. Here is a picture of a hedgehog self anointing (I pulled it from the internet lol). It's not the best example on how much they can contort themselves, but it will do for now lol.

Well, that is all for today!
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

NaBloPoMo: What Day is it Again?

Today I actually did something! For the first time in a week, I went somewhere and did something! I'm not as sick as I was and I am feeling so much better!

Say hello to our new hedgehog!
This time it's my moms pet (though she said she would share her with me) She doesn't have a name yet. She is 10 weeks old and just loosing her baby spines. She is very alert and very active, but while getting her out of her cage, she curls up and hisses at us. It will take some time to completely tame her.

My mom has always wanted to get a hedgehog, and the other day, while looking at a hedgehog picture, she said "Oh it's so cute! I've always wanted to get a hedgehog" or something like that. So I said "What if I found one for around $10?". She said I wouldn't, and she was right. I did find one on craigslist for $50 though. It was a year and a half old and was a rescue. After some thinking, we decided to get it, but by the time the lady read our email, it had already been bought. So me and my mom both got on craigslist looking for a hedgehog immediately afterwards. I found one person saying they had a cinnamon pinto hedgie for sale or trade and to text, call, or email her. I sent a text and she responded in less than 10 minutes. I made the whole deal for her hedgehog over text around 12:00 am. She had wanted $100 for her, but she sold her for $80. We picked her up today around 12:30 pm.

The car ride home was a lot of fun. Our Hedgehog(she doesn't have a name yet so what am I to call her) kept running up to my shoulder and getting behind my neck. She kept tugging at my shirt and hair and licking her spines (We later found out this is called anointing but I'll talk about that later). She was very energetic during the ride home and wanted to explore everywhere!

When we got home we set up a fish tank we had with bedding and her igloo and stuff. This wont be her permanent cage, but we are using it until we fix up our other one. She went right into her igloo and went to sleep. After an hour or two (or at least it felt like it) we decided to take her out of her cage for a while. She started hissing at me right away and curled up into a ball. I used a towel to pick her up because of her spines (which didn't help much btw). It took us FOREVER to unroll her! She would start to unroll and then we would make a slight movement and she curled back up! It was pretty funny and kinda cool. Once she unrolled though she was fine and wanted to explore more.

Right now she is asleep, but she should be waking up soon. They are nocturnal after all. I'm so glad we got her! I had never actually seen a hedgehog up close before. There was a teacher in my school before that had one, but I never got to really see it, but I think I saw it from afar once. My mom is going to name her after a character in a Shakespeare book, or a Georgette Heyer book, but she isn't sure which one yet.

And no, we are not going to name her after any sonic character. Though maybe one day I will get some hedgehogs and name them Sonic, Amy, and Shadow (I do like the name Shadow).

That's all for today. I should have more pictures and the name of our hedgehog soon.
Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~
P.S. I realized I forgot to talk about anointing, so I will talk about it tomorrow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 26

Still REALLY sick. I've even been coughing up today, but at least I'm getting it out of my chest. I really do not feel well.

I found these cool tissues at kroger today. They are puffs with lotion AND vicks! They are really making me feel better (kinda).

I really wish I hadn't gotten sick during NaBloPoMo because I don't feel like making posts. This is all I've got for today.
Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Edit: I had forgotten to put the title on the post.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 25

Sick! I am still really sick! My sore throat went away, but I'm still sneezing and coughing and have a runny nose. I am so tired and no matter how much I sleep, I can't stop being tired. I actually just woke up from a nap. I really hope this cold goes away soon!

I played Donkey Kong Country Returns today with Andrew. It's a really fun game! the controls took time to get used to, but once I did, it was really cool. The game doesn't remind me of DKC much, but it is sorta like it.

I think i posted enough for this to qualify as a post.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NaBlopoMo: Day 24

Well, i woke up sick today! i have a very scratchy throut and I keep sneezing. I've been staying in bed and playing Pokemon mystery dungeon all day, I felt to bad to do anything else.

I really don't feel up to posting anything else.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 23

Well, I'm not sore from skating anymore, and I can walk without limping now! I'm glad, because those two days were the most miserable two days of my life!

I Stayed inside all day today, didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. I didn't even play any video games..... What did I do today? I think all I did was watch tv today.

I watched Aladin today, I love that movie! It is very funny and fun to watch. It has to be one of my favorite Disney movies, next to Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. Mulan is my all time favorite!

I've been watching, talking about, and looking up a lot of Disney stuff, which has made me want to play Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom hearts is a game with Final fantasy characters, and Disney characters and places all put into one amazing game. I could try to explain the plot, but It wouldn't make sense (I don't even fully understand it, but it's really cool).

You play as Sora, who is the Keyblade wielder (which is a key shaped sword), who is trying to do something or another (I forgot what) and Donald and Goofy are helping him. I'm going to give up on explaining here because I've comepletely forgotten the details of the game. Anyway, the game is really cool and fun, and I'm going to be playing it soon.

NaBloPoMo is nearly over. I've done so well so far. I hope I can make it the last seven days.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Dearly Beloved

Monday, November 22, 2010

NABloPoMo: Day 22

Well, today I found out how cheaply made my new skates are. They are made almost completely out of plastic. But it's ok, I can use these ones to skate outside and buy some really good ones later.

Thats is about all I did today. I am to sore from skating to do anything lately. I can barely walk, haha.

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 21

Today I didn't do much. I am so sore from yesterday! I can barely walk! I am sore everywhere!!! Everywhere from my neck to my foot! It even hurts to sit down. Hopefully this goes away very soon!

We went and bought me some skates today! They are Cobra Roller Derby skates (Though they are mens skates, it doesn't really matter). Someone was selling them for only 25 dollars. They are practically brand new and fit perfectly. Too bad I'll have to wait until January to use them.

That is about all I did today.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 20

Well today I went to a skating party. I had a lot of fun!!! My dad went and skated. He is an amazing skater, doing tricks like skating backwards! He and a friend of ours named Irvin used to get skating parties together and they are both great skaters, and they were both at this party so it was a lot of fun to watch! Irvin is a really fast skater, faster than my dad, but my dad is good at tricks and stuff, and he is pretty fast. Many people came up to my dad saying he was the best skater there. It was really funny! But he was the best skater there, along with Irvin. I should video tape it sometime.

I am a pretty good skater myself, and I have one trick I can do (though it's not really much of a trick). I go really fast and then bend down, to where it looks like I'm sitting down, then I stick out my right leg and it turns me. Everyone calls it a trick, but it's the only way I can turn, lol.

I think being a good skater runs in the family, my dad's side. My cousin was there and it was his third time skating, and he was great at it! He only fell down once, he kept his balance very well, and he was really fast. His sister (my cousin) and I were shocked!

Well that is all today, I got to get to bed. I'm tired and sore.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Friday, November 19, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 19

I actually got out of the house today, but the whole time I was to carsick to enjoy it. Not too much happened today, so I'm going to post about a few new games coming out and a new tv show (My post is mostly about the tv show).

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Country Returns is coming out on the 21st, two days from now. It is a new Donkey Kong game that has the style of the Donkey Kong Country games. It's the first Donkey Kong game since the country games that looks really good, and me and Andrew are really excited for it!! Hopefully it will bring back the old Donkey Kong game feel!

Disney Epic Mickey
Disney Epic Mickey is a new game coming out on the 30th. I happened to see the opening of it and a bit of the first part of the game and it actually looks good (Despite the fact that it nearly scared me half to death). It reminds me a little bit of Kingdom Hearts. I would explain the plot, but I don't fully understand it myself, so I'll explain it in one sentence: It looks cool!
I'll go ahead and post the description from GameFAQs.

Disney Epic Mickey is an action-adventure platforming game for the Wii console that sends Mickey Mouse on an epic journey of creativity and discovery. As Mickey, the player is propelled into Wasteland, an alternate world made up of Disney's forgotten creative efforts, and is given the power to wield paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world while determining Mickey's path to becoming an epic hero.

Pac-Man Party and Pac-Man Tv Show
I found out about a game called Pac-Man Party this morning. My first thought was that this is an abomination! Pac-Man games should be Pac-Man games! It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen... at least then it was. I couldn't understand why they made a party game where you play as Pac-Man, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and two other unknown characters. I then noticed that it was "based off" a new Pac-Man tv show that is being made.

The new Pac-Man tv show... Now this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen! It is a tv show about Pac-Man, who is in high school, who has to protect Pac-Land from a bunch of ghost that are trying to take it over. He is assisted by his Pac-friends and four friendly ghosts: Inky, Pinkey, Blinkey, and Clyde.

The fact that Pac-Man is in High school really made me laugh! The fact that Inky, Pinkey, Blinkey, and Clyde are good guys and helping him sorta irritated me and also made me laugh.

In an interview, the producer, Avi Arad, said that "he wants it to have more depth than just fighting ghosts: It could tackle social issues like racism, too." He also said "We wanted to keep Pac-Man the same lovable guy he has always been, but put him in the 21st century. We also wanted to talk about real stories and see how they can relate to our lives, being in high school and being a teenager. At the end of the day, it's the story of a reluctant hero."

How they got this much out of a game where you eat dots and eat the ghost chasing you I don't know. I think it is really funny that they are going to have him "tackle social issues". They have completely made a tv series out of a game without a story.

My Sources:


Well, that is all for today. I am barely making the deadline today.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 18

Well, lately I haven't been posting much interesting stuff, but this week hasn't been that interesting. I've been inside the house all week and barely even went outside. It's been a very gloomy and rainy week.

I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Sky most of the time lately and that is about it. It's my favorite game. It's the first game I legitimately beat by myself (Besides those sesame street games and a few other "kid" games I played when I was younger).

Basically, the story line is about a human who gets turned into a pokemon and loses his/her memory, meets a pokemon whose dream is to join a pokemon exploration team and forms a team with it, hoping to someday get his/her memory back and find out how she/he turned into a pokemon.

One day I was looking for a new game to play, and I remembered Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I had played it before, but I never understood what to do and gave up on the game. I asked Andrew if it was a good game, and he said that it was fun, but it had "no replay value" so not to waste my money on it. I kept looking into it and it really looked like a fun game, so I found Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of darkness on Ebay for 16 dollars and bought it anyway. I've played it three times since and I am on my fourth time now! This is absolutely my favorite game!

I've beaten Explorers of Darkness once, Explorers of Time once, and Explorers of Sky once and am now on my second time. The second time I played it, when I played Time, I didn't beat the after story, but the other times I played it, I beat the whole thing, including the whole after story. When I played Time after playing Darkness, I noticed they put a few different items in each game and a few different pokemon. Personally, I think Time had the better items.

Wow, this turned out to be kind of a review of the game, and I was only planning on posting the plot. I think that is all I'm going to post today.

Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 17

Today I found out about a new band, or a comedy band. Not sure if that qualifies as a band :/ They are called The Axis of Awesome. Their lead singer looks just like Jack Black!! Seriously!

I only know two songs by them, but those two songs are the funniest things ever. I definitely recommend listening to these songs, that is if you want a good laugh!

The first one I heard is called BirdPlane.


The Other one I heard is called 4 Chords. Now the first video isn't the whole song, but basically this is what the whole song is. I'll post the whole song underneath this video in case you would like to hear it, but you should listen to the other video first.

4 Chords

4 Chords

That it for today.
Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 16

Day 16, I seem to be barely making the post requirement. I'm to tired to post much, but my day today was alright. I played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon most of the day. My dad cut up the deer meat. We will be packaging it soon.
I don't have to much more to say today. It was raining so I was stuck in the house all day.

I guess that's all for now.
Until a later date,
~Eler Beth~

Monday, November 15, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 15

I'm really tired, so I'm just going to do a summary of my day, best idea I had for a post.

I was really bored and irritated today! I've been hungry all day and I don't feel like eating anything (Though I did eat some pizza). I went to the store. I started a file on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon again, got to the very first save spot, then abandoned the game for the rest of the day. Went on the computer and went back and forth between my bookmarks. Watched the news with my mom (For 30 minutes or so). Sat around and did nothing. Watched some AFV. Watched 30 minutes of Freaky Friday. Watched a one hour episode of Hannah Montana. Watched Andrew play a video game for maybe 30 minutes. And now I'm making this post.

I probably left out some things, but I think I got most of it.

Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~
The way I feel right now

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 14

Well, I didn't go hunting today, but my dad did. He got FOUR DOES this morning!! That's the most deer he has ever gotten in one day! He gave two to our hunting buddy, and we kept the other two. Our freezer will be stocked this year! It is a really good year so far!

I'm not sure of much else to talk about. Not much happened today. I slept in and rested since I was sore this morning. I guess this is the end of my post.

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 13

-There is no blood in the picture, but I do have a picture of the deer I shot today. Just a warning-

I started deer season off with a bang today! I got a huge doe at 9:53 this morning with my 11-87 Shotgun using Hasting Sabot Slugs.

She came out of nowhere and I nearly panicked when I saw it! I tried to aim my gun at it, and it looked up at me, so I slowly moved my gun back to where it was. Then it started walking towards me, so I tried to aim my gun again. Once again it looked up at me, so I stayed perfectly still and it looked back down again. It took me a while to figure out how to aim at it, because if I aimed down, my gun hung over my tree stand and the doe could spot it. Finally it started toward me again, so I quickly aimed and tried to control my breathing, but before I could, she looked straight up at me. I had no choice but to take the shot then and there.

She turned a full 180 around and ran, then took a left and dissapeared into the thick brush. My dad got out of his tree to search for her. She had run about 50 yards. When he found her, she was already dead. I had a great shot! The lung was destroyed and we can only imagine what happened to the heart, we couldn't even find it!

We are going to eat some of the tenderloin tonight for dinner, and the rest of the deer is being soaked now. I don't have any photos to show on here yet, since they aren't developed, but I took one with my phone so I can show it.

I guess that is all for now. I plan on getting more deer this year.
Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

The view from my tree stand

Friday, November 12, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 12

Well, deer season got here quicker than I was expecting. Tomorrow is the first day of gun season, so we spent today getting ready. I'm not feeling too well tonight, so I hope I am feeling better in the morning.

We went to Pet Smart today to get some things, and there is the cutest kitten there. Her name is Snickers, and she is so playful. Then we saw a brother and sister basset/beagle mix. The little girl was adorable. Well, they both were, but the little girl was especially adorable. I'd love to have her, but I know we don't need any more dogs.

Well, I've got to go to bed. I have to get up early in the morning.

Until tomorrow
~Eler Beth~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 11

I was worn out today! I have spent over half this week with my friends. I spent the night yesterday with my friends, and then when I came home, I was out! I slept until 3:00!

I would love to spend this weekend resting and doing nothing, but Saturday is the first day of deer season! So tomorrow I am going scouting and setting up our tree stands and all. I can't wait, I've been looking forward to deer season since January! I've got to get to bed soon so I can wake up early.

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 10

Well, I'm gone again.

My friend Heather is still in town, visiting her sister until Friday. And the two of us were invited to spend the night with two friends of ours who are sisters. And Mom let me go. I'll be home in the morning.

We're having a lot of fun, playing Rock Band and some other stuff.

I have the greatest Mom and Dad, letting me do this. Of course I'll have to double up on some schoolwork next week. :(

But right now I'm having so much fun!

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 9

I just got back from my friend's house. It was a lot of fun! We saw Mega Mind, went four-wheeling, and played some video games. We also watched Toy Story 3 which I brought over and How to Train Your Dragon, though I fell asleep during it.

Today we went to Pet Smart, then walked to Bass Pro and then to Greentree Pets, and then back to Pet Smart and then to Target. We were looking at guinea pigs, and we got to hold them. They were very sweet. I also got to hold a cat named Snickers who is 7 weeks old and just the sweetest thing. We went to Greentree pets, but they take horrible care of their pets, so we didn't stay there long, and they aren't nice. Then we nearly got killed at the intersection on our way to Target. lol

I am really tire and am going to bed now. Goodnight.

~Eler Beth~

Monday, November 08, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 8

Four-wheeling was so much fun yesterday!

Getting ready to see a movie now.

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Sunday, November 07, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 7

I am having SO MUCH FUN!!!

We went four-wheeling this afternoon. I'll have to write more about that later. I'm having a great time!

Til tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Saturday, November 06, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 6

I'm on my way to my friend's house. I'll be home in a few days. That's about all I have to post right now.

We're planning on going four-wheeling tomorrow afternoon, and who knows what else we might do?

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Friday, November 05, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 5

Well, this morning Copper, my flying squirrel, died. I'm not sure how or why. It was a complete shock. He was fine yesterday.

I don't think I'm going to post about anything else today.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Thursday, November 04, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 4

I'm not going to post a picture of my pets today after all. Also, this post is gonna be kinda short. I've been up all night and can't think straight.

I'm going over to a friends house for a few days this weekend/week so my posts may be short during that time.
I got to talk to a pro kendama player today. His name is Jeffrey van Rasta. He was really nice and told me some things about kendamas. We mainly just chatted though. I have him added as a friend on FB. I hope that I can get as good as the professionals at kendama someday!

That will be all for today. Like I said, I can't really think straight.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 3

Well, I slept for half the day, So really I'm not going to make a post today. Because I didn't wake up until it was dark outside, I wont introduce one of my animals today since I wasn't able to take a picture of one.... I should have more to talk about tomorrow.

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 2

Day two of NaBloPoMo. I'm doing pretty well so far, haha. I think I will introduce one of my dogs and my birds each day(Excluding Schroeder since I showed a picture of him yesterday) until I've shown a picture of each one. I'll start doing this tomorrow.
I think I'll talk some about Kendamas.

Kendama is a Japanese toy. It is a variation of Cup and Ball, only more fun in my opinion. You play by catching and spearing the ball in various ways or performing various juggles, balances or position sequences. Most people usually play for their own amusement, but there are kendama competitions also. The stick is called the Ken, and the ball is called the Tama. T and D are very similar in Japanese, so it is called a Kendama. It is hammer-like shaped with a spike on the top.

It has three cups that you can catch the Tama on, one on either side of the Ken and one on the bottom of the Ken. The piece that the two cups are on is called the Sarado (Cup Body). Each cup is a different size. The Kozara (Little Cup) is the smaller cup on the Ken, the Ozara (Big Cup) is the bigger cup on the Ken, and the Chuzara (Center Cup) is the cup on the bottom of the Ken. You can also catch the Tama on the spike, which is called the Kensaki (Stick Point). The hole on the Tama is called the Ana(Hole). The string is called the Ito (Thread). The sticker on the bottom of the Ken is the JKA kendama seal which shows that the kendama is certified by them. Only JKA certified kendama may be used in tournaments.

There are four types of holds for the kendama. The Sara Grip, the Ken Grip, the Tama Grip, and the Rosoku Grip. Of course, it's best to hold it in the way that feels comfortable to you, but you use certain grips for certain tricks. The main way I hold the kendama is like a pencil. To see the different grips, you should go to this link. While playing kendama, it is very important to bend your knees!

I currently have 2 kendamas. My first kendama is a TK16 with a black Tama. I bought my second kendama a couple of months ago. It was a plain, unpainted kendama. It's made from the wood of Zelkova trees, which have a pretty hard wood. It is not certified by JKA, but it has the JKA recommended product seal. I don't mind this too much because I'm not going to be playing in tournaments. It's a very sturdy kendama and hasn't gotten any dents or anything from me dropping it. I painted the tama of the kendama an orange-ish brown color.

I've gotten pretty good with the kendama, but I would still call myself a beginner. I've gotten the basics of juggling down I think. I've started getting the hang of spiking the Tama, but I'm still not that great at it. I can do a few small tricks like Candle and Swinging Candle. I can also do airplanes pretty well. I also made up a trick of my own. I use the Rosoku Grip and do a candle or swinging candle, then I toss the kendama in the air, catch the Ken and switch into a pencil like grip, swing the Tama around and catch it on the Ozara. I might post a video of me doing this sometime.

If you want to learn more about Kendamas or the History of Kendamas, you should go to the following links.

Also, here is the link to the Kendama USA Pro team page.

Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Monday, November 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 1

First day of NaBloPoMo. Hope I do well! I think I will post about how my pets are doing since I haven't posted about them in a while.

Copper, my flying squirrel, is doing great! He is very tame now and I can take him out of his cage now. I think he has arthritis or something in his hind legs because he hasn't been able to move them correctly for a while, but it doesn't seen to be hurting him at all. Because of this, he is not as fast and so he never runs away from me.
He loves getting his cheeks and head scratched! He will nip your finger lightly and then lay his head down for you to scratch him. It is very cute!
Copper discovered new favorite nuts not too long ago. He loves hickory nuts even more! He also really likes acorns. He still likes pecans every once in a while though.

My Rabbits are doing well. We found out Astrid is actually a male! We renamed him Astor. Once we found out, we took him and got him fixed by our favorite vet! After we got him fixed, he suddenly got aggressive, which is odd because it is actually supposed to make them tamer. He's gotten tamer, but he still bites and scratches sometimes. Nevertheless, he is still my baby boy!

Mythril is still pretty shy and very mean, but she is getting used to me petting her, she just hates being picked up. She has gotten very big! A few weeks ago, when she and Astor were playing in the front yard flower garden, which we have nicknamed the rabbit run, Mythril started digging a hole under a piece of drift wood we have in the garden. I think she is trying to build a burrow. It was really cool watching her dig.
Picture Caption: Mythril is not amused

My birds are doing pretty well, except Luey died about 2 weeks ago, I'm not sure why though. She hadn't been doing too well for a while.
Lucy is still as silly as ever, hanging upside down and turning her head upside down. I think she thinks she is an owl, lol.
Schroeder is still my little baby bird. He is still as sweet as ever, and he loves clicking at us and saying "pretty bird".
Boris is still mean, but he has been singing a lot lately. Nearly non stop. It's very pretty, but it is kinda hard to sleep, haha.
Bird in the picture is Schroeder

Samantha, my leopard gecko, has been doing great. She hasn't grown too much, but she has gained a good amount of weight and is very healthy. I've been feeding her crickets and the occasional super worm. She still hates being picked up, and I don't think I will ever tame her, but she is a good pet.

As for my dogs, they are all doing well. I took two of them, Little Bit and Scout, camping this year. They loved it! I had never taken any of them camping before, and it was really fun. They slept in the tent with me and my friend and kept us warm lol.

I think that's all of them, lol.
I guess that is it today. Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~