Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silver fox

I've heard that you can get domesticated silver fox from russia. It's true that they have domesticated them to pretty much dogs. But I can't figure out how to get one. I could use some help finding out. Thanks.

Waking up AGAIN!!!

Well I woke up again, But on the bright side I made more zazzles prouducts. Here they are.
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On The Search For Honey

Lately, I've been trying new kinds of honey with honey comb. I'm on the quest for the best tasting one. So far, I think the best honey is honey from Jackson county honey. It has a sour like taste and no after taste.

I've decided to make a little relaxing spot along my creek. I'm going to plant flowers so I can see more humming birds and more bees around my house. Sure my creek could over flow and mess all that up, but, thats a chance I'm gonna take. I'll just replant if that does happen. This way, if I need a relaxing place to take a break from school or do school work, I can go there. But, there is one relaxing thing I cannot get, a good climbing tree.

All My pets are doing good. The new birds I still have no name for though. would anyone like to suggest any names for them. One we know is a boy, He bites really hard. The other, we think is a boy but Could be a girl, she/he is really nice. Thanks.

Well, Bowser the turtle got let go about a month ago, but, We got pictures. Here they are.

Bye Bowser!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Waking up in the middle of the night

Hi. Me again. Sorry I've been away. I've been busy. Yesterday I went to a tournament of my fav game. Also the day before yesterday I found out my friend's mom had 2 birds needing a home. A boy down the street wanted it but the said "I don't think he will take good care of them, But I know who will." so they came to me. I now ,may or may not be keeping, two more cockatiels. The nice one is yellow like my bird luey, the other turns out to be a Lucy except, he bites 50x more harder. Right now I have the yellow one on my shoulder (he is so sweet). They look and act like they were mistreated and not given attention some time in there life. But of course, lucy took to the male just like here. That's about it for now. I'll have pics of them soon.

P.S. I woke up in the middle of the night.