Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holiday World

Yesterday I went to Holiday World with some friends. It was my first time there! I had a blast! I rode The Raven, The Legend, and The Voyage!! The Voyage is the fastest and tallest wooden roller coaster in the world! I still can't believe I actually rode it. It was a lot of fun though!

In the water park I rode most of the water slides and swam in the wave pool. The wave pool was fun! It is a wave pool that has 8 different wave patterns, and the waves make the pool go from 4 feet to 6 feet high (or in the deepest part, 6 feet to 8 feet).

As for the water slides, The Wildebeest was probably my favorite (despite the hour wait). It's the worlds longest water coaster! It was quite a bit of fun. On the drops you practically left the slide and went airborne! It also went extremely fast!

In this picture is a tree frog I caught right before the park closed (while eating an ice cream cone!) The picture is kind of blurry and the frog kept squirming around so it got in the wrong position, but here it is! Just figured I'd post about him too. You don't see tree frogs around here often.

Until next time,
~Eler Beth~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Very Very Tired

So tired! I've been at our annual Jehovah's Witnesses Convention we have every year for the past 2 days. Tomorrow/today will be the last day. It has been a lot of fun and I saw old friends and made new ones. The program has been excellent! Learned so much and got a lot of encouragement! I can't wait until next year!

I went swimming at our hotel earlier tonight. I'm usually very nervous in water, but I wasn't at all this time! I'm getting better at swimming too! I had a lot of fun, and now I'm extremely sore haha!

Anyway, just figured I'd make a post while my mom was doing my hair. Didn't have to much too write today.
Until later,
~Eler Beth~

P.S. I will be posting about my formal sometime soon, just haven't gotten the chance yet.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Far Too Long....

It's been far too long since my last post. With Facebook and all, I just don't think to come on here and make a post as often. But once again, I'm going to try and post more regularly, even if the posts aren't much.

Lately I haven't been doing much. Andrew has been doing a Legend of Zelda Series play through this week so I've been watching him most of the time. It's been pretty amusing and a good break from some other games (the play through is the span of 2 weeks and we aren't doing much else). Also, if anyone would be interested in watching, you can watch a stream of it here (he usually plays in the evening)

I'm currently taking care of my cousins pet rabbits. Because of circumstances she can't keep them at her house at the moment, so I offered to take care of them until she can. They seem to be getting along well with our other rabbits, but not with me! One will thump it's back legs if I get to close. But I think they will settle down in due time.

Today has been quite boring so I don't have much else to say :/ Hopefully I can post in the blog more regularly.
Until Later,
~Eler Beth~

P.S. I just remembered I never posted about my formal dance (though I'm sure my mom did). I'll probably post some pictures and stuff from that later!