Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Pet

Hi, it's me again. It's been a long while since my last post. I've gotten a lot better at the ocarina and can play a majority of songs. I hope to have another video up soon.

About 2-3 weeks ago I got another bird yet again. His name is Zuri. He is a white cockatiel. Our friend who owns a pet shop is going to only be selling pet medicine and was selling all her birds including her breeders, and this was a breeder I would visit and talk to every time I came in. So I ended up buying him that day. He had never been handled but about 3 days after we got him, he can now step onto my finger without biting. He is a very sweet bird and I'll have pictures up of him as soon as I can.

Today my mom and dad had a surprise for me. So they blindfolded me and took me for a drive. Now it's not easy to surprise me so they had been misleading me since the night before. I thought we had crossed into Louisville, but they were just driving in circles around blocks to make me think we kept going under over passes in Louisville. Turns out we were still in Indiana.

Finally they stop the car, take me out with the blindfold still on, and take me into Pet Paradise. I finally take off the blindfold and find out where I am. Then our friend goes to the back, gets a cage with a small hamster-like thing in it. Turns out it wasn't a hamster of any sort. It was a flying squirrel. Someone had brought him in thinking he was a sugar glider, and gave him to her for free. So she needed a home for him, so I now have a pet flying squirrel. He's the cutest little thing too.

I guess I better go. I don't have much more to write about right now. Bye.


  1. Awww, a flying squirrel?! I can't wait to see pictures, either here or on your Mom's page. Any idea what you'll name him? I suppose Rocky is too obvious. (I don't know if you'll get that, but your Mom will!) :)

  2. Sounds like you will need a large cage :o)

  3. Wow you have quite a zoo goin on there now.Oh Yes-I agree-name him "Rocky" That is sooo perfect!! Can't wait to see pics of the cocateil too!!

  4. I enjoyed your blog and the stories about your pets. I so wanted a pet parrot when I was young and a goat, too, but since we already had cats, dogs, horses, and even a pet pig on the ranch, more pets got ruled out. I did love my little lamb named Black Wooley but never had another because he was raised for the kitchen table as I found out and my dad could not be persuaded to keep him any longer. A pet to eat? No, no! Good luck with your pets. You will soon be as good a writer as your mom if you keep this up. Gerry

  5. Pictures, pictures, we want pictures! LOL

    I think having a flying squirrel would be so much fun!