Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today, or rather, this morning, I went out deer hunting. Because it's the first day, getting everything together was a little confusing. Once we got set up out there I got up in my climbing tree stand. I took it about about 15 feet up the tree, facing a deer trail. At 8:20, I suddenly saw a doe step out there in front of me. As soon as it got into the clearing, it looked straight at me in the tree. Because of the angle it was facing me from, I thought I wouldn't be able to get a great shot, so just like on my hunting game when I can't get the shot I want I shot it in the chest. As soon as I shot it in the chest it did a back flip and died instantly.

At 10:11 I suddenly heard this big deer trot out there and then it just stopped. At that point all I could see was the head and the antlers, and it was looking straight at the deer I shot. It seemed a little confused. Suddenly it looked straight up at me and I thought for sure it was going to run. But then it came around through the brush toward me, stopped, and looked up at me again, as if it was trying to figure out what I was. It came even closer, about 10-15 yards away from my tree, and looked at me again. It moved a little closer and I shot at it. Because of the brush, I was aiming through the tree limbs, and wasn't sure if I got the shot I wanted. It ran under my tree stand, where I couldn't get it, so my dad shot it again from the other tree stand, and it dropped. I had actually shot it in a very good spot. So good, it shattered the spine in half.Most of the time, a deer won't look into a tree, especially on the first day of season but the friend we were hunting with had also taken a shot at it from the other side of the woods, and it was startled quite a bit from that.

Since our friend didn't get a deer, we gave him the doe, as we usually do to be fair. We had our friend's daughter take a picture of me and my deer and she is going to email it to me, so I can't post it today. I was actually just eating some tender loin from it we cooked up.

That's all I can write today. Can't stay awake any longer.
Til' tomorrow,

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  1. Congrats Eler Beth. I haven't been deer hunting in years. Actually I just went along to watch. Couldn't pull the trigger. lol Got to do lots of cutting and wrapping and I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore. Think most everyone takes them to a locker plant to be processed now.