Saturday, November 21, 2009

Living at Lowe's

Today we went to Lowe's to get stuff to make the rabbit a new hutch. It's going to be a really big one, bigger than she really needs, but she'll have plenty of room to move around. It took us a while to get everything we needed, and I was pushing the big cart with the wood and everything on it. I did a pretty good job maneuvering down crowded aisles too. I think I'll be a good parallel parker when I start driving!! We were there for an hour or more. We lost mom at one time. She got tired of waiting for us to get the wood cut and wandered off somewhere. lol

Dad and I put a lot of the hutch together tonight. I like making things like that. Our friend is giving us a nesting box for her, so we didn't have to build that. But we had already bought some plywood for it before we knew that he had one for us. But that's okay because we're always needing plywood for something or other.

Well, that's it for now.
Til' tomorrow,

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