Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 13

-There is no blood in the picture, but I do have a picture of the deer I shot today. Just a warning-

I started deer season off with a bang today! I got a huge doe at 9:53 this morning with my 11-87 Shotgun using Hasting Sabot Slugs.

She came out of nowhere and I nearly panicked when I saw it! I tried to aim my gun at it, and it looked up at me, so I slowly moved my gun back to where it was. Then it started walking towards me, so I tried to aim my gun again. Once again it looked up at me, so I stayed perfectly still and it looked back down again. It took me a while to figure out how to aim at it, because if I aimed down, my gun hung over my tree stand and the doe could spot it. Finally it started toward me again, so I quickly aimed and tried to control my breathing, but before I could, she looked straight up at me. I had no choice but to take the shot then and there.

She turned a full 180 around and ran, then took a left and dissapeared into the thick brush. My dad got out of his tree to search for her. She had run about 50 yards. When he found her, she was already dead. I had a great shot! The lung was destroyed and we can only imagine what happened to the heart, we couldn't even find it!

We are going to eat some of the tenderloin tonight for dinner, and the rest of the deer is being soaked now. I don't have any photos to show on here yet, since they aren't developed, but I took one with my phone so I can show it.

I guess that is all for now. I plan on getting more deer this year.
Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

The view from my tree stand


  1. Sler Beth, I love that name.
    Congratulation you got a deer on opening day early in the morning.
    Your description of the deer and you looking at each other was priceless. You are some girl you are!!
    No end to your talents.
    How is home schooling going?
    Enjoy the steaks.
    Good luck next time out, Bill

  2. I was told by my neighbor that in this county the width of the horns must extend out from the ears now to be legal. Ever heard of this? I know it wasn't that way when I used to go hunting with my deceased husband. Congratulations on your skill.

  3. CONGRATS, ELER BETH!!!!! WOW!!! Really impressive!!! Good Job!!! High Five!

  4. Well done! I'm sure you had a delicious meal when you got home.

    Jeanie x