Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 20

Well today I went to a skating party. I had a lot of fun!!! My dad went and skated. He is an amazing skater, doing tricks like skating backwards! He and a friend of ours named Irvin used to get skating parties together and they are both great skaters, and they were both at this party so it was a lot of fun to watch! Irvin is a really fast skater, faster than my dad, but my dad is good at tricks and stuff, and he is pretty fast. Many people came up to my dad saying he was the best skater there. It was really funny! But he was the best skater there, along with Irvin. I should video tape it sometime.

I am a pretty good skater myself, and I have one trick I can do (though it's not really much of a trick). I go really fast and then bend down, to where it looks like I'm sitting down, then I stick out my right leg and it turns me. Everyone calls it a trick, but it's the only way I can turn, lol.

I think being a good skater runs in the family, my dad's side. My cousin was there and it was his third time skating, and he was great at it! He only fell down once, he kept his balance very well, and he was really fast. His sister (my cousin) and I were shocked!

Well that is all today, I got to get to bed. I'm tired and sore.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

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  1. It was really neat seeing Dad out there, wasn't it? And you did great!