Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 23

Well, I'm not sore from skating anymore, and I can walk without limping now! I'm glad, because those two days were the most miserable two days of my life!

I Stayed inside all day today, didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. I didn't even play any video games..... What did I do today? I think all I did was watch tv today.

I watched Aladin today, I love that movie! It is very funny and fun to watch. It has to be one of my favorite Disney movies, next to Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. Mulan is my all time favorite!

I've been watching, talking about, and looking up a lot of Disney stuff, which has made me want to play Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom hearts is a game with Final fantasy characters, and Disney characters and places all put into one amazing game. I could try to explain the plot, but It wouldn't make sense (I don't even fully understand it, but it's really cool).

You play as Sora, who is the Keyblade wielder (which is a key shaped sword), who is trying to do something or another (I forgot what) and Donald and Goofy are helping him. I'm going to give up on explaining here because I've comepletely forgotten the details of the game. Anyway, the game is really cool and fun, and I'm going to be playing it soon.

NaBloPoMo is nearly over. I've done so well so far. I hope I can make it the last seven days.
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~

Dearly Beloved


  1. Glad you are not as sore, new muscle use can be difficult. Mulan is a good movie.

    I think I am taking my Mom to Tangled over Christmas break.