Monday, August 04, 2008

Asain Kung Fu Generation

Hi. As you know, my fav band is Asian Kung Fu Generation. Well, I'm ging to let you listen to some of it. Here are my fav songs by them.

Blue Train  (Sorry the sound is a little out of sync.)

After Dark

Black Out

Kimi No Machi Made


  1. princesselerbeth5 August 2008 at 00:30

    I really like their style.  I think I like Blue Train and After Dark the best of the four songs, but I really like the last video best of the videos.  And thanks to you I know how to pronounce the name of the song!

  2. How did you learn of this group for the first time?  Did someone else like it and play it for you and you liked it, or did you discover them yourself?  

    Just curious.

    Private Journal

  3. I really like the After Dark video.... but since I don't understand the words of the music, it's hard for me to enjoy it... I'm a word listener, LOL!!!  But I understand why you like this band, they're really good.