Monday, August 04, 2008

Back to school


Well, It's back to school time, even though it means nothing to me. I'm home schooled and go all year round with occasional breaks. It's much better than public school, or at least I think so. Well, I gotta go. Gotta take care of my pets then get back to social studies.


  1. princesselerbeth5 August 2008 at 00:37

    I'm glad you like home schooling best, because so do I!

  2. I have considered home schooling my 13 year old boy, but I didn't know if he would like it.
    But I see it is very flexible and allows you to take breaks during your day, allowing you to do things you love (take care of your pets) and then get back to work!

  3. So glad to hear you enjoy being homeschooled. I am thinking about homeschooling my own girls when they get old enough. Any advice?

    Enjoy the journaling. (I think you should tell your mom that it should count as part of your English homework. As a former teacher I belive it's a great way to improve writing and communication skills!) lol


  4. I think homeschooling can be a wonderful experience when you have a great mom like yours doing the teaching & advising. ~Mary

  5. I'm glad you like the home schooling.  You are fortunate to have a mom who has the smarts and the time to do it!  My Hannah Bug is going into 4th grade this year at the local public school.  -  Barbara

  6. I'm very interested in hearing about your home-schooling experiences throughout the year.  My son is 23 now, he went to public school.  
                                                                                                :)  Leigh

  7. I think being homeschooled is why your mind is so much more brilliant than the average young person your age.   The difference is that you are encouraged to think whereas those who are warehoused in public schools are ordered to think what they are told to think.  

    I have a four year old granddaughter who lives with me. We're raising her as our own daughter. I've home schooled her all year and she loves it.  She's going into Pre-K for the first time and is going to be so far ahead of the other children.  How many public school children do you think read books and write at four years old?  Again, this is what has made you the best you that you can possibly be.

    Private Journal

  8. You are SOOO LUCKY to be home schooled.... I wish with all my heart that I could have home schooled my son.