Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On The Search For Honey

Lately, I've been trying new kinds of honey with honey comb. I'm on the quest for the best tasting one. So far, I think the best honey is honey from Jackson county honey. It has a sour like taste and no after taste.

I've decided to make a little relaxing spot along my creek. I'm going to plant flowers so I can see more humming birds and more bees around my house. Sure my creek could over flow and mess all that up, but, thats a chance I'm gonna take. I'll just replant if that does happen. This way, if I need a relaxing place to take a break from school or do school work, I can go there. But, there is one relaxing thing I cannot get, a good climbing tree.

All My pets are doing good. The new birds I still have no name for though. would anyone like to suggest any names for them. One we know is a boy, He bites really hard. The other, we think is a boy but Could be a girl, she/he is really nice. Thanks.

Well, Bowser the turtle got let go about a month ago, but, We got pictures. Here they are.

Bye Bowser!


  1. Sounds like fun trying the different kinds...I've never thought about honey much (I use it in recipes, but that's about it), but I've heard that there are so many different varieties, with all kinds of different tastes. I hope you'll share your final verdict with us!


  2. What are YOU doing up at this hour??? LOL!!!  Good luck on the honey search, let us know which is the best one!!


  3. I have heard to use honey for allergies etc. you should eat honey from your own area. Don't know why just what I heard. We knew a man who sells honey but we don't see him since they closed the senior center in out town. Paula

  4. that was a big turtle! you'll have to report to us your final assessment on the best honey when you find it :)


  5. I hope that was  a permanent -waterproof marker you used so someday they might know you rescued him.I'll bet he was happy to get back to his natural habitat..
    Don't know if I've tasted sour honey.I love to dip chicken fries in honey,yummm....
    Your special garden spot sounds lovely.I loved to get away to myself when I was young...never had my own spot...just took walks and loved to notice nature in all it's splendor...

  6. Eler Beth, I loved this entry. Your use of colors and pictures were great. Nice shot of Bowser's farewell, Nill

  7. Very nice entry!  You did a great job with your dividers and your pictures.  People have been asking about Bowser, so I'm glad you finally put his pics in here.  That is good honey that we got in Jackson County.  I'm looking forward to having some on a biscuit!

  8. I love your honey search, I can not be so brave as I am alergic to their bites :o(

    Love the pictures of the turtle release :o)

  9. I'm so glad you posted pictures of Bowser.........WOW, he's BIG!  As for honey, I hope you get to try Tupelo honey, out of Savannah, GA.  I have a big jar with the honeycomb in it.  Anne

  10. Straight from the comb is the best way to eat honey.  
    Creating a retreat for yourself is a wonderful thing.  I don't think the creek will hurt things too much, once they get established.  Enjoy it, let us know what kinds of plants you're using.
                                                                                   :)  Leigh

    ps-bye Bowser!