Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Copper Getting Ready For Winter

My flying squirrel Copper is getting ready for winter. He has been storing a lot of his food and eating more than usual, and every night when he does his housekeeping he builds his nest up even more. The other day after I washed my hair I had a lot of hair in my brush, and Mom said to put it in Copper's cage to see what he did with it. After it had sat there for a while he came out and pulled it in and is using it in his nest.

He's so cute. If I don't cover his cage by about 9 o'clock at night he'll come out and stare at me until I cover it. He is nocturnal, so he wants it dark so he can come out and eat and get a drink and work on his nest, which is in a little log. He jumps around his cage too. One day I got to see him

He loves pecans the best, and peanuts next best. He eats a mix of wild-life feed, like corn and sunflower seeds. He also likes acorns. I brought some in for him and he had never had them before. He loves them! He expects to get one or two every night, and sometimes he has to work really hard to get them open.

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