Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Pet

Story time again! lol

There is a kid down the street named Zack. Zack's Grandfather owns property or something, and at one of the houses he was at, these people had abandoned two lizards and a Beta. He gave the lizards and Beta to Zack and his sister. About five-ten days ago, his sister, Jasmine, comes down to my house and asks if I can tell them what kind of lizards they were. At first I thought "They caught some Blue Tailed Skinks in there yard". Once I got there, I found out they were not some lizards they just caught. They had two Leopard Geckos in a tank. The guy abandoned them with like twenty dead crickets and no water. They had a heat rock but they power was off in the house so it wasn't on. There dad said Zack was going to keep them, but if per chance they couldn't, they would bring them to me.

Yesterday we got a knock on the door. It was Zack. He asked if I wanted one of the geckos because he could only keep one, and I could choose witch one to have. I cleaned up my fish tank and ran to Petsmart real quick. When I went to get the Leopard Gecko, it turned out Jasmine wanted him to keep a certain one, which I didn't mind, I was probably going to get the one I got anyway.

I now have a pet female Leopard Gecko!!! She is very young as she is just losing her bands. I haven't named her yet so if you think of a name you think would be good for her let me know. I am thinking about Samantha, Nami, and maybe Lyn, but I'm not sure yet. Also, names that seem appealing for a gecko are names where the first or second letter is S, T, or L. Don't ask why lol.

I am using "Zoo Med's Repti Sand", "Zoo Med's Leopard Gecko Food", and "Zoo Med's Under Tank Heater". She Has a little hiding rock and a food and water rock dish.
I have to be extra careful handling her because if I grab her, she can constrict her muscles and make her tail fall off!

Until Later,
~Eler Beth~

P.S. here are some pics I took with my phone!


  1. Everyone knows who to bring those pets to. Are you going to study to be a vet or something along that line?

  2. I will probably be a rehabilitatior and I will have to learn some animal medicine stuff for that, but that's as close to becoming a vet I will get :)

  3. My first thought was 'Slinky'

    All things great and small-it's what comes to mind when I read your posts....