Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well we now have another new addition. I just bought a young female Dutch Rabbit yesterday from a near by flea market/thrift store like place. Her name is Astrid. Her coat is a sort of two toned between gray and chocolate brown, sort of a mint chocolate color as I am calling it. She had a different color pattern then the other rabbits they had there, which were like the standard dutch rabbit color pattern. She is mostly all mint chocolate brown except a white blotch on her right shoulder that goes all the way to under her neck, her front left paw is brown while all the others are white, and a white blaze on her face. She is extremely docile and sweet. She doesn't mind me picking her up at all, and I can put her on the ground and she wont run away. Me and my mom noticed this about her right away when we saw her. All the other rabbits were in the back of the cage, while she came and rushed up to us. I'll have better pictures later, but here are a couple of pics I took yesterday on the ride home and when I got her home.

She is living in Tsune's old cage, and she seems to like it well. We had to modify the cage so I can get her out more easily, making two doors on the front.

Astrid means both Divine Beauty and Divine Strength. It comes from the root word star.

I guess that is all for now,
~Eler Beth~