Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 28

I'm almost over my cold I think (I hope). Our hedgehog is doing well. We are trying out the name Sophie for now, but we aren't sure yet.

I forgot to talk about what anointing is and why the hedgehogs do it yesterday, so I am going to today, the only problem is how to explain it. When hedgehogs find something with a really interesting smell, they tug on it or lick it. Then they contort themselves, foam at the mouth, and lick their spines with the foam. No one really knows why they do this, but some think it has to do with self defense.

Hedgehogs are very resistant to toxins (they are one of the few animals able to eat giant toads), and when they find something that might be toxic, they get it in their mouth, foam, and lick themselves with it. That way they are kind of poisonous in a way. At least that is what a few think they do it for. There are many more theories about why they do this anointing act.

You've really got to see this to see how neat it is. Maybe I'll video tape Sophie doing it sometime, that is, if I see her doing it again. Here is a picture of a hedgehog self anointing (I pulled it from the internet lol). It's not the best example on how much they can contort themselves, but it will do for now lol.

Well, that is all for today!
Until tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~


  1. I think I did something like that in gym class once :-).

  2. Sophie sounds like a good name choice.

  3. Very interesting. You just told me something I had no idea hedgehogs did!

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