Saturday, November 27, 2010

NaBloPoMo: What Day is it Again?

Today I actually did something! For the first time in a week, I went somewhere and did something! I'm not as sick as I was and I am feeling so much better!

Say hello to our new hedgehog!
This time it's my moms pet (though she said she would share her with me) She doesn't have a name yet. She is 10 weeks old and just loosing her baby spines. She is very alert and very active, but while getting her out of her cage, she curls up and hisses at us. It will take some time to completely tame her.

My mom has always wanted to get a hedgehog, and the other day, while looking at a hedgehog picture, she said "Oh it's so cute! I've always wanted to get a hedgehog" or something like that. So I said "What if I found one for around $10?". She said I wouldn't, and she was right. I did find one on craigslist for $50 though. It was a year and a half old and was a rescue. After some thinking, we decided to get it, but by the time the lady read our email, it had already been bought. So me and my mom both got on craigslist looking for a hedgehog immediately afterwards. I found one person saying they had a cinnamon pinto hedgie for sale or trade and to text, call, or email her. I sent a text and she responded in less than 10 minutes. I made the whole deal for her hedgehog over text around 12:00 am. She had wanted $100 for her, but she sold her for $80. We picked her up today around 12:30 pm.

The car ride home was a lot of fun. Our Hedgehog(she doesn't have a name yet so what am I to call her) kept running up to my shoulder and getting behind my neck. She kept tugging at my shirt and hair and licking her spines (We later found out this is called anointing but I'll talk about that later). She was very energetic during the ride home and wanted to explore everywhere!

When we got home we set up a fish tank we had with bedding and her igloo and stuff. This wont be her permanent cage, but we are using it until we fix up our other one. She went right into her igloo and went to sleep. After an hour or two (or at least it felt like it) we decided to take her out of her cage for a while. She started hissing at me right away and curled up into a ball. I used a towel to pick her up because of her spines (which didn't help much btw). It took us FOREVER to unroll her! She would start to unroll and then we would make a slight movement and she curled back up! It was pretty funny and kinda cool. Once she unrolled though she was fine and wanted to explore more.

Right now she is asleep, but she should be waking up soon. They are nocturnal after all. I'm so glad we got her! I had never actually seen a hedgehog up close before. There was a teacher in my school before that had one, but I never got to really see it, but I think I saw it from afar once. My mom is going to name her after a character in a Shakespeare book, or a Georgette Heyer book, but she isn't sure which one yet.

And no, we are not going to name her after any sonic character. Though maybe one day I will get some hedgehogs and name them Sonic, Amy, and Shadow (I do like the name Shadow).

That's all for today. I should have more pictures and the name of our hedgehog soon.
Until Tomorrow,
~Eler Beth~
P.S. I realized I forgot to talk about anointing, so I will talk about it tomorrow.


  1. What a unique pet, looking forward to the name and more info.

  2. She is very beautiful. Glad you 2 are sharing.

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